Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity


AIT improves the security posture and reduces cyber risk for owner and operators of operational technology

AIT has a dedicated team of specialists focused solely on the cybersecurity of industrial control systems. We call them Cyber Mission Assurance Capabilities (CMAC) Teams. CMAC Teams deliver world-class cybersecurity for critical infrastructure across multiple industries worldwide. 

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Know Yourself

Asset Identification

“You can’t protect what you don’t know you have.”

-Larry Jaffe, Principal, CMAC

Identifying your control system assets means taking an inventory of the devices and elements of your control system. CMAC uses a variety of automated and manual means to do this. Automated tools make this process much more efficient and keeps the inventory up to date. Our partnerships with industry leaders in ICS inventory and monitoring tools allows up to bring you state of the art capabilities.

Know Your Weaknesses

Vulnerability Assessment
“Reduce your attack surface to minimize risk.”
-Bob Sadler, Consulting Engineer, CMAC

Knowing where your vulnerabilities lie is the prerequisite to reducing risk. CMAC analysts review your inventory for known vulnerabilities and report on the resulting criticality. Our remediation planners will help you identify the best tools and techniques to increase your security posture.

Minimize Risk within your Budget

Strategic Planning

“Create a portfolio of risk reduction projects by optimizing cost against pre and post-mitigation risk measurements.”

-Ron Hebert, Lead Engineer, CMAC Team Alpha

CMAC uses industry standards and measures proprietary risk quantification procedures to assemble a strategic plan, minimizing cyber risk to your control systems. Our industry experts show you the costs to reduce risk and create a portfolio of projects that meet your budget and risk tolerance level.

CMAC’s Accomplishments Last Year:

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