Weapons Systems Cybersecurity

For more than 20 years, AIT has continued to employ weapon systems specialists with tremendous experience in delivering secure cyber solutions to defend our nation’s weapons platforms:

What's in Your Network?

Understanding your network

Network topology describes the physical relationship of connected devices in terms of a geometric graph. It maps how different nodes on a network (switches, routers, firewalls, et cetera) are placed and interconnected and depicts how the data flows, including each node’s order and hierarchy.  Our experts use  automated tools to safeguard your organizations’ IT infrastructure from within. 

Protecting your organization’s data from potential cyber threats that exploit vulnerabilities is our number one objective.

Know Your Weaknesses

Identify Network Vulnerabilities

“Our vision is to enable weapon system networks to operate as high-tech, innovative cyber hardened grids that deliver mitigation/remediations with speed and agility within a cyber-contested environment. Our mission is to deliver next-generation cybersecurity technologies to stay ahead of evolving threats.


Network vulnerabilities are known flaws or weaknesses in hardware, software, or other organizational assets, which can be exploited by the adversary. The interconnectivity across the virtual and physical infrastructure can create new and substantial cybersecurity risks.  Therefore, having the essential tools to identify and categorize network cybersecurity threats and irregularities in your network/system is critical. At AIT our team of experts will help you identify the best tools and techniques to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.


Minimize your Vulnerability for Maximum Effect

Strategic Planning

While no single mitigation strategy is guaranteed to prevent all cybersecurity incidents, we recommend organizations implement strategies as a baseline, to increase overall system cybersecurity posture.  We use industry standards and proprietary risk quantification measures to assemble a strategic plan to minimize cyber risk to your network.  Let our experts show you the costs to reduce risk and  assemble a portfolio of projects that meets your budget and your risk tolerance level.

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