Taking OT Cyber to the Next Level 

For this week’s cyber tip, we recommend creating an OperationalTechnology (OT) Cybersecurity support unit within your engineering organization to oversee and be responsible for the cybersecurity of your OT infrastructure. It is typically not possible for a maintenance personnel or IT personnel to maintain cybersecurity on OT equipment and networks in medium to large scale OT infrastructures. IT personnel are not trained on cybersecurity of the backbone technologies such as the dozens of embedded operating systems, industrial protocols, and physical level interfaces. OT Technicians know the maintenance of such systems but not the cybersecurity integrations nor the industry cybersecurity policy and regulations.

Our latest whitepaper, Setting up an OT Cybersecurity Program describes the components of such a program and the people, process, and technologies needed to succeed.

AIT’s staff of engineers, analysts, and cybersecurity professionals have knowledge, experience, and skills to assist companies and organizations to mature their OT support units to full operation. We can assist with training needs, tools, and capabilities. AIT provides a strong leg up to establishing an enduring OT cybersecurity program. Contact us at OTCyber@ait-i.com.